Breathwork Testimonials

I deeply appreciated the space Emily created and her attunement to my needs. It was amazing to feel safe, grounded and peaceful in my body. Such a gift!

It was exactly what I needed. Emily was knowledgeable, present, and compassionate. I could feel her warmth/presence even throughout the session even though it was virtual.

I loved everything about it and look forward to signing up for more. I am so grateful for being introduced to this practice, thank you!

I healed in mind, body, heart, and soul. Without seeking, grasping, or working for it. I let go of and released generations and lifetimes of things that no longer serve me and were never mine to hold or carry to begin with. My breath was the only medium and it facilitated this exchange, communion, and experience. If I wasn’t a believer before, I am now, especially of the reality and truth that pain and trauma are stored energy in the body waiting for the invitation to be let go of and released once and for all. The thing about it that struck me most was the fact that I wasn’t taken to some other realm or dimension to return from. I was anchored, grounded, and tethered while able to access a plane and higher level of consciousness that we’re usually blind and ignorant to or oblivious of. Which has the power to connect and heal us all and access to which only requires use of something we take for granted but that we are all afforded while here on this earth (the breath and our life force).

Emily’s instructions were so clear – the tone of her voice and the genuine desire to facilitate the practice was honest and nurturing. The length of time was just right. The invitation to experience the breath patterns in our own way was perfectly supportive. And the playlist was awesome!

Emily was able to take my body, which was stressed both physically and mentally going into the session, and help me carefully achieve release and “sink into the ground”. I was able to lose track of time very quickly , and she was intuitive with my body queues. She was able to give me this feedback after the session of what she saw me go through. Ultimately I was able to release much of the tension built in my body, and she framed the conversation well in the beginning that my initial intention of “sleeping better” would come from finding that stress and using breathwork as a tool.

I also enjoyed there were no expectations, right or wrongs or internal achievements to focus on, she framed that well. That allowed me to be present , instead of telling someone “here is your goal” or “you should feel like this”. The session did that work on its own.

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