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Emily Bunting

My Mission

My overall mission is to help my clients get out of their minds and into their bodies. When we are in our bodies, we are feeling.

When we are feeling…..we are healing.

My approach to coaching is through embodiment.

What is embodiment coaching? The goal is to get you more connected to your body. WHY? Because your body is the most powerful tool to assess your needs……NOT your mind.

Many of us are disconnected from our bodies.
Our culture supports this disconnection.

Often times we are taught to:

  • bypass the body and its needs to “get things done”
  • disregard our emotions because they are inconvenient, or not accepted, or we know we will be judged if we show/feel them externally
  • endure suffering and pain because we are taught, “no pain, no gain”

The above are just some of the ways we have lost trust in our bodies’ power. But feelings are natural, normal and are part of being human. They are indicators and attune us to messages we need to keep us safe and/or point us in the right direction.

So when you commit to working with me, this is what we focus on….
reconnecting to your body to feel and return home to yourself.

I have solutions that will not “fix” you but will help you connect deeper with yourself to get tapped into what you really need to take your self care to the optimum level to recover from and/or avoid burnout.


Two ways to bring you back into your body to help you connect to what you really need.

Embodiment Self-Care for Social Workers

The Soulful Self Care for Social Workers Program is a 6 week, interactive group coaching program that gives you support to reach your goals pertaining to self-care based on embodiment practices in a way that fits into your life.


Simply put, breathwork is an active meditation. Breathwork is a practice in which you use your continual breath to release anxiety and stress from the body. Your breath is the healer to shift stuck emotions that create heaviness and overwhelm in the body.


As a clinical social worker and supervisor of over 15 years, I knew that I was storing trauma in my body but was not sure how to access and release it. I find the movement and breathwork practices to be the most beneficial coping skill I have learned. I now unapologetically schedule time to engage in much needed self compassion/self care rituals.


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