About Emily

Hey! My name is Emily and I am a wife, mother, coffee lover, former social worker, yoga teacher and breathwork facilitator.

In a nutshell, I worked in social work for 15 years and for many of those years I numbed out and abandoned myself as a way to cope with the challenging emotions and stress of my job….until I found yoga, breathwork and other powerful embodiment practices. My turning point was my experience in yoga teacher training when I finally returned to my body and started to feel again. Yoga led me to breathwork and intuitive dance which brought me even deeper into my body.

I was so drawn to embodiment work because there is nothing that the mind needs to figure out when engaging in a practice that involves the body. The BODY does the work. I believe so deeply in this kind of healing that I wanted to bring it to others. We all have a body, we all have breath. You are your own healer.

My Embodiment Journey

I grew up playing sports and learned at an early age the joys of being in my body. I loved the experience of using my body as a tool to move through life. I played competitive soccer all through high school, four years of college and throughout my twenties. Aside from the teamwork and camaraderie which I thrived on and loved, I also loved that when I was playing soccer, I was out of my thinking/structured mind. I was totally IN MY BODY. In the course of a game I could feel a variety of feelings; frustration, anger, sadness, excitement and I could express these feelings through my body- by kicking, running, slide tackling, crying, yelling. At the end of a game I was physically and emotionally exhausted, but it felt so good because I felt completely EXPRESSED.

I continued to use exercise as a self care tool after I graduated and entered the workforce. I gravitated to running and ran marathons and triathlons. Physical exercise was a tremendous tool for me until my career in social work got very intense.

After three years of working in child abuse and neglect investigations for child protection services, I had my first child. My whole outlook at work changed in that I put up a big emotional wall in my work. I could no longer take on as much emotional stress at work and expect to have anything left

when I came home to my family. As a result I numbed out. I did not let myself go into the pain and vulnerable places with my clients any more. I felt that this numbed out approach was good for me at work because I was protecting myself. However, when I numbed my emotions at work, I was also numbing my emotions in the rest of my life. I found myself living “on the surface” in my life with no depth. I found myself lacking connection with myself and to others.

I signed up for my yoga teacher training not thinking that I would want to teach but instead was craving self exploration. What I did not know was that this was my deep dive into embodiment..to returning to myself. Yoga was a gateway to many other embodiment practices, like network chiropractic care, breathwork and intuitive dance. These practices got me out of my structured mind and into my body. When I reconnected with my body, I could feel and when I started to feel again, I was able to heal. I became so passionate about embodiment. I began rising every morning before dawn to have my own sacred time to reconnect with myself over and over again. Although my embodiment routines change over time, I stay with my practice to keep me centered and aligned with my true self.

I appreciate my mind and what it does for me, but I know that to deeply heal, I need to get out of my thinking mind and into my body. Our bodies are so much more intelligent than our minds. We are all capable of healing, if we just allow. Our bodies know what to do if we just trust.

Formal Training and Certification:

BA in Sociology from Hartwick College
Masters of Social Work from Boston College
200hr CYT from Body Temple Yoga School with Daniella Cotreau
Certified Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator through Pause Breathwork


I learned so much about embodiment and how to really practice “letting go” through the breath and movement based exercises. I found the breathwork to be incredibly powerful and transformative. Emily was a kind, knowledgeable, compassionate guide. I look forward to continuing our work together.


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